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Keeping Your Space Pest Free

We specialise in eliminating all common pests including bed bugs, ticks, rodents ants, elder bugs and more – throughout Maryland. Contact us for the rapid response!

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Why we do it

We protect homes in a responsible manner

Our goal is to keep your home free of unwanted guests. We love and protect nature, that’s why our technicians always use environmentally friendly products and offer a 100% all organic product.

We are experts

All our pest control technicians are fully licensed through the Maryland State Department of Agriculture and regularly continue their education in the industry. We also have fast and friendly service starting from our office staff all the way through our technicians.

We have the reputation of the best

We have a long track record of providing exceptional commercial and residential pest control services. In addition to that, we offer a full range of pest control services and of course can not betray trust of our customers.

Why us?

Our Company

Dealing with pests and infestations is never a pleasant job and one that is best left to the experts. Marygo Pest Control technicians have been providing effective pest control services to residential & commercial premises across Maryland for many years.

Our Promise

At our disposal we have elegant and first class solutions to your issues. We eliminate any pest problem efficiently and always follow up with a complete monitoring programme offering you peace of mind that you are being fully cared for with your pest problems.

Our Team

We’re educated, well trained at Government approved institutes and proud to be Maryland’s largest commercial pest control company. Our technicians are taught to grant you relief of pests quickly and have many years experience treating them.

Our Prices

Our services cost according to area and the treatments for the insects we are dealing with. To determine cost of pest control services, you need to know many parameters, for example, type of pest removal service you need.


How much do your services cost?

The amount we charge depends on a variety of factors. The main factor to determine the cost of the service needed is to define the type of pests that have attacked your household. We specialise in termite control, bed bugs, rodents and insects.

Which areas do you cover?

Whether you’re in Baltimore or deep in the suburbs, we will come to you. Marygo Post Control covers the entirety of Maryland and its outskirts.

Which type of services do I need?

It depends on your exact issue. Physical Pest Control is about setting up barriers, so the pests can’t get to the crops. The advance of science and technology allows removing pests with Electromagnetic Pest Control Gadgets. If you wish to exterminate vermin in order to repel them, you might use chemical treatments.


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